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Today people are trying to make the most of their living space and maximising the available space they have, being it for work, study or play. I am often asked to create innovative space saving furniture such as building fitted wardrobes, book cases, office desks in alcoves and small spaces.

 •  Bookshelves

 •  Cabinets and cupboards

 •  Wardrobes and storage

 •  Desks and tables

 •  Fitted to your space

 •  High quality stylish wooden materials

I use a selection of different wooden materials for the fitted furniture I make. If your home predominantly has oak furniture, timber flooring or beech joinery, I'll ensure that your new addition slots right in - in both the space and design!

How can I help you in Cheadle?

Matching fitted furniture

If you've got an idea of how you'd like your bespoke furniture to look, I want to hear it. If you've been looking around for the perfect bedside table to match your chest of drawers - why not let me design one for you? Or if you'd simply like something unique with a touch of your personality, you can count on me to craft the perfect fitting for your home.

Handcrafted to your preferences

My fitted furniture is tailored to your tastes. Call me on

01625 535 633

Bespoke furniture

Storage solutions

Do you need some more storage in your bedroom but don't have enough room to fit a brand new wardrobe in it? Would you like a bookshelf in your living room but can't find something that will squeeze into the small space that you have available? With my bespoke fitted furniture in Cheadle, I can help you design something stylish that fits perfectly in any room in your home.

a small shelving unit a bespoke shelving unit